Did you know that on average a briton sends 16 cards every Christmas… representing close to 900 million cards each year! So why not put your hopes into words with greeting cards?

Ringing in the New Year is cause for celebration, for spending time with friends and family, and for looking back.

As you raise glasses and fireworks explode into the sky, it’s important to recognize the special symbolism this holiday represents.  

A time of new beginnings and fresh starts also comes with a time of reflection. Whether your resolutions consist of keeping your hands out of the cookie jar or giving your word to work on relationships, it can take work.

Therefore it can make all the difference to put your hopes into words with greeting cards.

Seeing is believing.

These greeting cards will remind you to uphold your new year desires and most importantly, share your joy with others.

Check out these New Year Quotes and Sayings for some inspiration.


Ohlala! French Boutique, created by a group of French artists, crafters and designers will once again open its doors in Hopewell, New Jersey from Friday December 1st to Sunday December 3rd 2017.

With the holiday season fast approaching come and discover special gifts with a French flavor.

Set within a live musical ambiance, come and meet wonderful creators who gather to offer a wide selection of exquisite holiday gifts, gourmet specialities, beautiful jewelry,  natural skincare products, handmade bags and scarves not forgetting unique ways to decorate your home with stunning photography, unique upholstery furniture, bespoke wreaths, advent calendars and greeting cards and delicate embroidery for home linen.

Come and enjoy listening to singer and songwriter Tiphanie Doucet.

Visit us in Hopewell – 2 Railroad place, NJ, 08525 during our opening hours

  • December 1st: 10am to 6pm
  • December 2nd: 10 am to 6pm
  • December 3rd: 10am to 4pm

After a couple of month looking after my children during the summer holidays it time to look towards the end of year events and start preparing a new season of cards and decorations starting with Halloween which is just around the corner and will mark the first event I will be participating in since May.

So come on down to Rowland Park in Cranbury, NJ on October 28th for a fun filed day in support of Hugs for Brady Foundation.

Check out the event here.

Here are some of my creation that will be on sale.

See all my halloween products


Advent calendars were always a challenge me. As a kid (OK, even now) I never seemed to get them before December 1 (the initial set back) and by the time I got one, all the good ones were gone. I longed for the ones that had those cool toys, but I always ended up with one of the grocery store ones with « chocolate » moulded figurines that had little taste.

To avoid the rush order your custom hand-made advent calendars that you can fill your self with sweets, toys, little messages of support, Lego (buy a model and split the pieces up so that by December 24th the whole model is complete), etc…

Here are some of the models I have made in the past, but if you have a specific idea please contact me to discuss, I would love to help!